Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fun Farm Games


One of the older origins of the outdoor game"Cornhole", is a 14th century German farmer who devised it to replace children throwing rocks in a hole for sport (not always so safe). Bags of corn thrown into a hole in a wooden box was the result and the game came to this country with farmers. Any design can be painted on the box, and we chose the Norwegian flag to honor our sheep farming relatives there as well as Christian being born on Norway's Independence Day.

Christian used 2" X 4" boards for a frame and faced it with finished plywood with a 6" hole cut out. The paint is 2 coats of Rustoleum and bean bags are best ordered on-line. The back of the box is elevated off the lawn and 3 points are scored for a bag thrown through the hole, or 1 point for landing on the box. Christian is planning for a summer party.

Kubb (Viking Chess)

This lawn game originates from the Viking Era and is played on a rectangular field where opponents try to knock over wooden blocks across it and then the king in the middle; using wooden batons. Christian built this set quite quickly.

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