Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Filling In The Cracks

This weekend, Bill and Christian grouted between the subway tiles and filled in missing trim pieces before priming the wood in the main bathroom. It is starting to feel more finished.

The grout is "Delorean Gray" from Home Depot. Next we install the final fixtures.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

All Subway Tile Niche

I had originally bought 1/2" square Carrara Marble tiles for the back of this shower niche, but we decided to finish it in subway tiles for a more classic look. I found 6" square matching bullnose tiles from Home Depot which Christian cut 3" deep to go in the sides. Bill cut the niche opening 1/4" taller for a full tile fit, and we are all pleased.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bathroom Storage

Although this main bathroom has plenty of built-in storage closet space, we have added a small painted Swedish antique cabinet next to the pedestal sink. Two glass shelves and towel bars are yet to be mounted in this bathroom.

I found this night stand in a consignment shop and Bill painted it with a thinned coat of Benjamin Moore white paint.

Bathrooms are a challenge to install I think, but we are slowly succeeding. The walls were painted "Pale Silver" from Restoration Hardware in an eggshell finish which is just enough color for this main bathroom.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Subway Tiling

I bought "Snow White" subway tiles from Home Depot which were very affordable and had self-spacers on each side to make the installation much easier. The second row of tiles went in first above a fixed level board as well as the bullnose edge tiles; on both sides of the shower stall. Christian has a "Ridgid" tile wet saw he bought used for cuts and Bill applied the thinset. I mapped out the back wall installation to line-up the shower niche with the grout lines.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lost and Found

As move-in date approaches for Christian's old farmhouse, we are trying to find and replace lost items which were removed by previous owners during restoration efforts.  The globe of this hall light was found in a bedroom nestled in a pile of newer insulation, and now looks great in the main foyer completing a vintage light with new brass chains I bought.

The pattern cast on the walls from the etched pattern was a fun surprise.

Using Up Old Paint Etc.

Christian painted his upstairs ceilings with a priming coat of Benjamin Moore's "Decorator's White" paint we had left-over from our last farmhouse restoration. The second coat is Benjamin Moore's "White" which is a newer type paint and will be easy to use throughout this house.

The bathroom ceiling is Benjamin Moore eggshell white to resist moisture.

The baseboard trim was made from some pine boards left here, which were ripped and given a 1/2" bead at the top with our router. They are painted white with left-over BM satin white trim paint for the bathroom.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Heat Is On!

The new boiler system Bill designed and built with Christian's help this past winter, was fine tuned and turned on by the best HVAC person one could imagine; Gary Stellitano (whose advice and guidance were invaluable)! God Bless this new "Mother Ship" which impresses people most who come to visit and has saved Christian's old farmhouse. The new boiler installation, high voltage wiring, and gas line we installed were all approved with permits pulled first.

The Weil McLain gas boiler, modern Runtal cast iron radiators, and Pex radiant floor heat, are all wonderfully efficient and quiet while creating six zones of heat. This boiler and parts take up very little space being tucked into an old chimney foundation. 

The new air handler was installed in the crawl space Christian dug out, and the new duct work was mostly fit in between the floor joists, giving the entire basement a terrific amount of open space now. This work was done by "Stellitano Heating and Air Conditioning".

Two Inch Marble Hex Tiles

The main bathroom upstairs has two inch Hex Carrara Marble tiles laid over the hydronic floor heat which is now working. The pattern was laid out first on a drop cloth, and the edges cut with a wet saw starting at the tub. We used a gray thinset for small tile installations with Delorean Gray grout used between them. This is a sunny room in the afternoon and the marble color variations are beautiful.

Free Washing Machine

This highly rated older Bosch washing machine was being offered for "free to a good home", and we are the lucky new owners. It was quite dirty and over 200 lbs. with some water left in it as well, so I scrubbed it all of a morning and with Christian's help, it is ready to be installed when he moves in soon. His renter has contributed a nice used dryer too.