Monday, July 8, 2013

Restoring An Antique Front Door

My first summer vacation project was to strip the front (and back) doors of Old Farm. I used "Klean Strip" from Home Depot, steel wool and two vintage; sharpened paint stripping tools from the Flea which cost a few dollars...and all worked great.

Old Farm was built in 1717 and this could be the original front door since Georgian (Italian Renaissance) architecture influenced Cape Cod homes from 1700 - 1780 when earlier plank doors were replaced with symmetrical four panel doors as well as symmetrically placed windows instead of random placed leaded diamond-shaped casement windows from the First Period (Post-Medieval English) homes of 1600 - 1700. Our door is chestnut with a hand-forged iron handle now also stripped of paint, and so inviting to use.

Only first generation colonists built "First Period" homes and not many are left in a preserved state. Old Farm was built by the son of an original colonist on part of the original 15 acres purchased from the Indians.

Soon Bill will paint this door and the back door with a marine quality enamel; "Moorland Green" from "Fine Paints of Europe". For now, we are enjoying the bit of old colors left behind and Bill's pottery nearby.

Door Update: Painted

This paint color looks meadow green to begin with, but seems to have many shades as the sun passes across it. Actually it quite matches the jade striped chair cushions and umbrella we use outside.

The hinges on the left are up for the screen door we are building and painting at home now.

A Georgian Doorknocker

I chose a "S" shaped door knocker popular during the 1700's (Georgian Period) in a lifetime polished brass finish, to match the high gloss of the marine quality enamel paint used on the front door. It is very traditional looking for such an old house I think.

The knocker contrasts with the original old door handle I plan to keep natural with linseed oil applications.

 The door is painted with "Moorland Green" from The Fine Paints of Europe. Below are examples of this high gloss paint in another shade of green and blue, used on both an interior and front door.

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  1. That Moorland Green looks lovely! Your new door color perfectly fits the environment where your house is situated. How about your walls? Will you repaint it as well?

    -Danielle Bailey @ VinylumeInc