Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wonderful Window Seats

Christian's old farmhouse has two wonderful window seats built into just the right places. They are part of solid vintage construction built on original old floor boards. Here you can sit, read, put on shoes, or just look out the window awhile.

The dressing room window seat has a new cushion I covered with a yard of thick velvet tapestry-like fabric. I added cording to the top edges without making a seam, which gives it better form. Both window seats lift up for extra storage. Nice. The closet space here is also deluxe, and...

I finally have found a lovely spot for the velvet pillow cases I made with Bakelite buttons.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Saving Damaged Old Pine Floors

The most damaged pine floor boards in this old farmhouse seemed beyond saving with so many patches & repairs needed besides major water (abandoned with burst pipes) and pet stains. We nearly painted them in this room. However, our amazing floor refinisher along with Bill, guided us in cleaning and sanding plaster filled cracks, replacing heat vents to match early board lengths, filling missing knot holes with custom tinted body filler and installing all sorts of other replacement patches. The results are a refinished old pine floor that is beautiful with some of the most dramatic old floor boards in the house saved; which reach into two long closets here.

Our refinisher truly loves old wood floors and his perspective is to embrace any old mars in them as a part of their history and not try to darken floors to "hide" them. Staining an old pine floor can make pet or water stains look even more obvious. We have used a clear oil based polyurethane with an amber tint and love the results, which will be very easy to maintain in the future.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Christmas Farmhouse

Although there is much work to be done on this old farmhouse, soon Christian and Leif will be living here and it has been decorated a bit for Christmas.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Prepping For Paint

The wood trim in the upstairs of this farmhouse has been stripped three times, scraped in some places and then sanded with 80, 120 and 220 grit sand paper. The walls have been spackled and sanded several times while the closets have been refined and simplified structurally. Vacuuming is constant. First the trim is primed and sanded, then the walls are painted before the final color paint is added to the trim. Most doors are stripped, primed, sanded and painted before hanging. The windows were taken apart to restore and paint partially.

After all of this work picking the right paint color seems critical, and now that the floors are mostly refinished the choice was much easier. Benjamin Moore White in a Matte finish next to the amber colored old and interesting floor boards (we have decided that this floor can also be saved with sanding and sealing instead of being painted white) will be beautiful. The trim will be Restoration Hardware's "Ash", but the adjoining dressing room will be entirely white.

All of the equipment in this room was necessary to do more than a month of work after hours and on weekends, prepping for painting! Next week the floor is refinished here, so we are repairing the floor now.