Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Christian's House & Garden…

Christian spent his high school summers living in a small shed he and Leif helped Bill build, in the corner of our backyard. It has been a helpful experience as we finish, furnish, and decorate Old Farm. This shed is 10’ X 13’, has a queen size futon, and is wired underground for high speed internet.  It’s been a great place to play music or movies, visit with friends or retreat to with a good book.

I designed the doors Bill built and the porch was Alex's idea. The step is left-over Belgian blocks.

Christian and Leif at work on the foundation which was built on pilings so that the building could be moved if need be someday.

A Runner’s Garden…

Christian became a serious runner in high school and we decided to create a garden of green vegetables (great food for runners). This garden is full of kale, collards, broccoli, spinach, Swiss chard and peas. I juiced some of these vegetables for Christian when he needed to heal a stress fracture from over training. It's a simple garden the boys can eat directly out of and the mulch is collected grass clippings. The back of the garden has blue, black and red rasp-berry bushes and a few perennial flowers.

When the boys are out of school, we will start a garden like this at Old Farm, to the left of the garage. Christian likes to train on the “Trail of Tears” when he is at Old Farm. It is many miles long with some elevations and shade, while a pretty and interesting path. 

Christian in his lucky high school running jersey…

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Nasturtiums

Every spring since buying Old Farm, I have planted "Whirlybird" nasturtium seeds to fill Bill’s planters for our deck. I love these little edible flowers in so many shades of orange.

I buy two packs of seeds, line nursery flower flats with plastic (both recycled), and plant the seeds using our composted dirt. Clothes pins hold down the plastic linings and the nasturtiums grow well in full sun. Soon the flats of twenty-four plants are divided in half, to fill four plastic (recycled) pots that go inside of Bill's planters.

Dining on the Deck...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring Sprinklers

Early one morning in spring at Old Farm, I woke to hear water sprinklers starting up at the neighbors’.  The sun was barely up and shining on Bill’s garden sculptures, so I stayed in bed a bit longer, and thought that I should have some sprinklers in my new large garden. Back in Hopewell I had a friend with a collection of antique water sprinklers in cast iron and brass. She gave me two of them, for Old Farm! Bill had fun refurbishing and spraying them with a can of left-over John Deere green enamel paint. We bought a third vintage sprinkler on ebay to complete a network to be placed in the triangular garden and connected with pieces of an old garden hose we inherited at Old Farm.

Sun Rising...

What a great way to use up parts of a broken hose and a few logs we hadn't split yet (Bill's idea)! 

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…”