Friday, January 29, 2016

Installing New Cast Iron Radiators

"Runtal" are the brand cast iron radiators we have selected for the harder to heat areas of Christian's old farmhouse. Runtal Radiators developed the first Europanel European style panel radiators in Switzerland over sixty years ago and their thin (2" thick) style with a flat front are sleek and modern looking. Christian and Bill have just completed the first installation of a wall panel in his new enclosed front porch. It will put out 3,360 BTU's and is 17" X 36" with polished chrome valves used for the installation.

We have also installed these radiators in the coat room, kitchen and master bedroom changing room.

This image via "Runtal".

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stenciling the Walls

Christian's old farmhouse has lovely plaster walls and ceilings in most of his rooms downstairs. We have decided to stencil/paint half of his living room walls after some plaster repair work is done, which can be customized to the room while being affordable as well. The rooms here are in Scandinavian Manor homes and inspirational. (Images via Pinterest.)

Below is the stencil pattern I have ordered in a large size; 30" X 31". It will be first stenciled warm white over the two brown walls in Christian's living room (also below); and perhaps silver with possibly gold, over that.
(Pattern and image is "Isle of Palms" from their UK website for "Royal Design Studio Stencils".)

 Here are some of  the walls I hand painted in our Hopewell house which took several years to complete...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Replacing Roof Beams

Bill has begun the process of replacing some of the ceiling beams upstairs at Old Farm. We bought old replacement beams four years ago after buying this house and not sure just when they would be used. I'm glad we have made the house fun to live in first. Luckily we had a garage to store them in.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hand Planed Walls

Bill's last trip to Old Farm was a long weekend spent cleaning up, preparing and painting the original hand planed tall walls upstairs. These boards are very wide since the British militia were not allowed to tax wood or items upstairs in colonial homes. One wall like this was built to give the children a place to sleep with riser walls inside as well. The wall color is Benjamin Moore's "Decorator White"

At one time there was a ceiling installed above the door which we have removed and we will soon complete the tall walls with similar; wide old boards we have found. I stripped the hand made door and will only paint the new board above it, leaving some of the original paint on the old wood.

The same boards on the inside are painted Benjamin Moore's Linen White for some contrast in the room... 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More Garden Seats

Bill's latest ceramics group show included his lovely new garden seats!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Rug For a Room

Usually I buy a rug such as this for a room and then paint colors which will work with it, but this rug (once in President Grover Cleveland's home in Princeton NJ) had the colors of Christian's living room he inherited. I haven't finished stripping the top layer of printed wallpaper yet, but half the walls will be mottled brown and half will be dark green. What a lucky find for him.

I love dark rooms with the right drama (image below via Pinterest).

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Installing Hydronic Floor Heat

New Year's Eve was spent installing Pex tubing into thermal heat plates fastened to 5 1/4" "sleepers" (3/4" plywood strips screwed down between the Pex valleys). The tubing is laid out on 6" centers which is closer than usual since it is in a bathroom, and the curved return Pex boards were found at "Radiant Engineering" in Montana.

We decided not to use the thicker; extruded metal transfer plates which were much more expensive, because having more metal surface on the floor like this is very efficient with 1/4" Wonderboard on top. Silicon was used under the Pex tubing for a more solid install. Happy New Year!