Sunday, September 10, 2017

Extending A Plaster Wall

This part of an interior dining room wall has been replaced with new sheet rock after the electrical switch was upgraded and an outlet added to it. Originally this was framed for a door leading to a small room or root cellar I believe and both sides needed replacing. The pictures are the "after" and then the "before". The wall was insulated with Roxul R15 since the exterior wall here is insulated with old brick.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Burst Pipes

When water pipes burst in an old farmhouse, the demolition and repair work can be challenging. Bill and Christian are removing more of the kitchen ceiling under the master bathroom plumbing, which is fixed and soon insulated with two layers of Roxul R15 Comfort Bats. Roxul insulation is nonflammable and will make the corner of this kitchen quiet.

Next; two layers of 5/8" sheetrock were installed to meet the old plaster ceilings and all covered with beadboard to match the rest of the ceiling. Bill primed the higher grade beadboard in the barn. We have painted the new beadboards a brighter white which is like the same ceiling in the sun room. It is a great solution for covering many issues and easy to keep clean. This kitchen will have gray walls and all white woodwork eventually.

A Brick Garden Border

This raised and angled brick garden border was here when we bought the farmhouse; but buried, partially missing and in disrepair. I have used leftover old chimney bricks from our own house to rebuild this bed border after it was dug up and re-positioned. The pattern is charming I think.

I hope all of the beautiful large flowered orange lilies will come back here, but will separate the bulbs of the ones that do if need be. I have added these lime green Aralia plants which are so bright to be a shade plant it seems and will grow to be 3' tall as well as wide.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Free Fencing

We inherited a stack of relatively new chain link fencing parts with this old farm; some 15' in length and most without the chain links. I listed it for free on craigslist and our neighbor called in fifteen minutes to say he would be right over! Christian and he carried it next door in twenty minutes and now I have cleaned up the backside of his garage barn finally.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Engraving A Stepping Stone

This year Old Farm turns 300 years old and we have had the original date of the house carved into the front stepping stone. We choose "Old Caslon" typeface which was used in the Declaration of Independence and popular at the time. Ironically, William Caslon developed this font for King George III of England who reigned during the American revolution. It is an organic serif font resembling handwriting which looks good in a long body of text (fashioned after earlier Dutch typefaces).

We have been told the date was painted on the original brick chimney of Old Farm before it was rebuilt.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Barn Projects

Since the weather this summer has been full of rain storms, we have moved into the big barn with some peripheral projects. Bill inherited an early kick/electric potter's wheel from his mentor's studio, which he is refurbishing here while Christian is restoring another vintage Weber grill (a "cult" model with flavorizing bars). We have also been given a clay slab roller which will help create a studio in the farmhouse basement.

Below is the finished grill and below that, an earlier one Christian and Alex restored for Old Farm.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Repairing An Old Quilt

The top five sailboats of this old quilt were worn and frayed in spots, so I found a matching blue cotton fabric to cut, fold and top-stitch over them. The very small slip stitches made it tedious work, but lovely again. I found this quilt top long ago and quilted it for my oldest son who lives in Charlestown, MA; home of the Navy Yard and their oldest sailing ship "The Constitution".