Saturday, April 14, 2018

Garden Seats And Tables

Finally the weather is warming enough to open up seasonal rooms and get furniture in place. Bill's garden seats and tables are used all over our houses as well as outside, so enjoying his purposeful art more, is great fun. The library doors here are kept closed in cold weather except when it is being used and seems more of a seasonal room. These ceramic garden seats and table will soon be out on the back deck in sunshine.

Monday, April 9, 2018

A Transom Handle

Finding a vintage handle to fit this old steel casement factory window transom was a challenge. This one on ebay luckily fit the screw placement on our transom and will close it with a felt pad added to protect the window paint. It cost $12.50 and will look great with the old brass ship's light now in the room.

Bill and Christian have cut, fit and beaded the window trim here. Only the bead is cut at a 45 degree angle and the trim is primed white.

Next the basement door gets reversed so that a safety rail can be added to the right wall; descending, and then we prep the room for paint.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Artist Talk

Bill's Collective Identity Show at the WAH Center in Brooklyn will close this weekend with shared artistic discussion about the inspired ceramic work exhibited and pieces on display of mentor Toshiko Takaezu. The discussion is 3 - 5pm on Sat. and I will be remembering how the creativity here drew me to Bill.

Above image: Geoff Booras (exhibitor/coordinator; Ceramics Technician and Instructor at the Harvard Ceramics Program) and three Toshiko Takaezu pieces. 
Below image: Work of Fitzhugh Karol; RISD trained sculptor and woodworker as well as Co-Creative Director of The Brooklyn Home Company (designing sculptures and custom furniture). 
Please google these artists names to see their amazing work.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Solarium I

The newly enclosed front porch faces South and served as a little greenhouse for the pergola ferns to winter over in. This style indented porch was common to early New Jersey farmhouses and we closed it in with mostly glass to create a solarium. It was so nice to have some living greenery on view with such cold outside this winter.

Bill has taught Christian how to add thick rolls of DAP 33 White Window Glazing to the interior window frames and then cut-off extra at a sharp angle, while smoothing it all with a puddy knife. It is a challenge to glaze 3/4" exposed frame edges like this and took three quart containers of glazing compound from Home Depot. Buying newly stocked and bought compound is critical to avoid cracking and crumbling. Above is the finished window and metal clips that hold new glass panes in are no longer visible. Next will be adding wood trim to the surrounding sides of this old steel factory transom window.

The solarium is in the front of this house, a greenhouse is on the East side and a sunroom on the West side. We have not run heat into the sunroom or greenhouse, but the solarium has a Swiss Runtal cast iron wall mounted radiator to supplement solar heat here and forced hot air in the adjoining dining room.

There is a mudroom on the other side of the dining room which we do not heat as well. This all allows and affords the main; used part of the house to be well heated and warm in any extreme cold weather. The glazing has made an improvement in maintaining heat here now.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Think Spring!

Although we have another snowstorm starting on this first day of Spring, I am enjoying my fading birthday tulips and how beautiful Bill's new garden seat is. Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Creating A Built-In Mirror

This dressing room needed a large mirror and building one into the space seemed best for a less cluttered room and custom look. Since the ceilings are low here, we built it to the ceiling which makes the room look larger. The cost was about $200 for materials and took part of a weekend to build the frame. It is made of clear pine; 1" X 3", with a 1/2" bead on the inner edge; routed behind for the mirror fit. The joints are only mitered across the bead while top and bottom frame pieces extend the full width. All frame pieces were primed and painted before installing them around the mirror in place.

The other sides of the room have a built-in window seat and storage closets; half of which are cedar. There are two heat sources; a hot air duct and Runtal cast iron Swiss floor radiator which will make this a warm place to dress. The bathroom has a heated floor with it's own thermostat insuring a cozy space as well.