Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Cool Down Shed

There are four outbuildings along with a cool down shed on Christian's farm, and several were in desperate need of roof repairs when he bought this farm. We immediately re-roofed the large horse barn ourselves, tarped the stone smoke house roof, and recently hired roofers for the garage barn. The cool down shed roof we will rebuild with 4-ply plywood and H clips, 15 lb. tar paper, and pewter gray high definition shingles which matches the garage barn roof. All can be bought at Home Depot.

First several rafters and fascia boards will be replaced. Later some wall boards will be repaired as well. The proportions and roof pitch of this structure seem just right to me.

Below are the horse barn roof we replaced with a metal roof after removing the old plywood and asphalt one, and a team of 10 men re-roofing the garage barn with repaired plywood and high definition asphalt shingles.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Polo Match June 9

The Hunterdon Polo Classic this June 9th in Pittstown NJ, will again donate funds to the Toshiko Takaezu Studio Project where Bill fires his clay work. My favorite parts of this event are the prepared field the size of ten football fields bordered by farm lands, the gorgeous horses & hounds besides the charitable nature of this event. Tickets are $35.

Christian's farm can keep seven horses in two barns where a previous owner bred stallions. What a marvelous woman she must be for what he has inherited. (Photo credits: Russel G. Kowal and the Hunterdon Polo Classic facebook)



Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Studio Show June 3

The Takaezu Spring Studio Apprentice Show will be this Sunday from 1-6 pm at 1177 Croton Rd., Flemington, NJ. Bill will have beautiful bowls which can nest, mugs, garden seats or tables and sculptures for sale. Select works of Toshiko Takaezu will be on display.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Suiting Up

Living on a farm one hour from NYC means you can get there to be fitted for a new suit in one day and back. Leif went to a custom made suit shop on Madison Ave. this weekend for a fitting and a suit to wear to this summer's weddings. He's ordering Charles Tyrwhitt shirts to go with it and following his older brother Alex's advice.

Leif also commutes in to NYC some weekends for specialty courses in physical therapy, as a doctor in the field. He is certified to practice the Norwegian physical therapy "Red Cord" system and has his own equipment in the big barn at the farm.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Next Winter's Wood

I've been collecting curbside wood since the weather has been so very cold this winter and our stacks are disappearing. I loaded my wagon and Christian his truck with hard wood logs from recent Nor'easters. One Saturday four of us split it all with a rented log splitter to fill my barn foundation and Christian's tractor barn.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Sold Sculpture

Bill recently sold a tall; angular sculpture to the WAH Museum in Brooklyn, but has another just coming out of the kiln to replace it. He has also made several round garden tables for a client request. Every night has been a late night at the studio. Garden seats are $2,500, garden tables are $3,000 and sculptures are $6,000 and up. Most pieces on the blog are for sale. 

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Buying Bees

This Spring, Christian is buying more honey bees for the lower fields near his stream. He will buy a nuc, which is 4-6 frames of honey bees ready for the new hive.

Recently, New Jersey nearly passed new laws restricting 5 acre land owners and less to only two hives, which met with terrific disapproval from hobbyist and professional beekeepers. The bee mite and colony collapse disasters challenging honey bees survival and all the good they do pollinating has challenged this critical NJ's state insect and our affected crops (tomatoes, blueberries, cranberries, fruits & vegetables etc.). Many enthusiasts have been inspired to help save them after a loss of 10 million hives and near extinction of wild bees in some areas. Hopefully new guidelines rather than costly regulations will allow all existing hives in NJ to continue as in Washington DC where 4 hives are allowed on a quarter of an acre.

We kept honey bees for many years at our house, and now it is fun to pass our equipment on to the boys. Christian uses the tack room in the big barn to store his beekeeping equipment.