Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Think Spring!

Although we have another snowstorm starting on this first day of Spring, I am enjoying my fading birthday tulips and how beautiful Bill's new garden seat is. Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Creating A Built-In Mirror

This dressing room needed a large mirror and building one into the space seemed best for a less cluttered room and custom look. Since the ceilings are low here, we built it to the ceiling which makes the room look larger. The cost was about $200 for materials and took part of a weekend to build the frame. It is made of clear pine; 1" X 3", with a 1/2" bead on the inner edge; routed behind for the mirror fit. The joints are only mitered across the bead while top and bottom frame pieces extend the full width. All frame pieces were primed and painted before installing them around the mirror in place.

The other sides of the room have a built-in window seat and storage closets; half of which are cedar. There are two heat sources; a hot air duct and Runtal cast iron Swiss floor radiator which will make this a warm place to dress. The bathroom has a heated floor with it's own thermostat insuring a cozy space as well.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Collective Identity Show; Brooklyn Bound

Bill will deliver two recent garden pieces; a ceramic table and seat, besides a tall angled sculpture to the WAH Center this coming Friday for installation and an opening Saturday in Brooklyn. The energy and art produced by this exciting group of Takaezu apprentices is well suited to an opening here, where a few live nearby and work actually. The closing date has changed to April 8th. 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A Museum Demonstration

Bill spent a weekend this month demonstrating slab clay building at the Hunterdon Museum of Art where he has exhibited his work. The large sculpture above was started there and finished at home. It's nice to have another amazing; big piece in the works lately! Both this and an earlier garden table have been painted with red clay for better glazing results. Upcoming is a show in Brooklyn. Fun!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Repairing Rafters


It was hard to know what condition the roof rafters were in when we bought Old Farm, but we knew we would be replacing parts of them of least. Once the upstairs rooms were gutted and the drop ceilings removed, Alex cut off any protruding nails from the original ceiling boards and we painted everything. Now Bill is replacing parts of rafters with similar beams we bought six years ago for this job. The guest bedroom is now finished.

 The ceiling beams downstairs were in good shape, but most needed much sanding in the cracks etc., and prep work before painting. They are all lovely painted white now, except for one room with ceiling beams and boards never painted or showing any damage. They are above original floorboards which we did paint white. This ceiling had insulation, lathe and plaster at one time so we have compensated above it by using a large, thick oriental rug on the bedroom floor upstairs.

There are two rafters left in the large loft bedroom to be repaired now.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Choosing An Entrance Light

The side entrance to this farmhouse is the main entrance since it directly leads to the driveway. I have recently found a distinctive antique style light for this spot which is similar to the zinc plated ones we have needed to install earlier. It was the last fixture to find and came new from a private owner. I feel the finish, unique glass patterns and style will go nicely with the nearby greenhouse metal planters besides work well with a single LED Edison-like bulb.

Here are the lights which replaced missing or broken ones when the farm was bought. The front porch light, the barn (vintage French farmhouse) and side garage/barn lights.

Below is the light installed. It is larger than usual since we wanted to emphasize this door and light much of slated area in front of it and path to it.    

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Custom Rope Rail

Now that the stairway at Old Farm is completely finished, our custom rope rail from StairRopes.com UK looks lovely and works great. Our choice of rope is hemp and cotton with a sailors knot, and I also ordered similar Monkey Fist rope tie-backs for the linen closet curtain at the top of the stairs (from their Stonk Knots products).