Thursday, August 16, 2018

Cutting Gardens

Every Spring, I take time to plant a cutting garden of flowers or green vegetables and herbs. It takes extra time to weed and stake around the plants, but now it's time to cut and harvest them. The potted tomato plants are yielding two types of golden tomatoes that are very sweet.

Bill's coil built vases are back to be filled and below is the small cutting garden at Old Farm in a raised bed made from felled locust tree trunks left on the property.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

My Mom

Here is my Mom in a dress her Mom designed and made for her; growing up in Brooklyn. She later married my Dad and moved to a house in the country he designed and built for her.

My Mom is from a sheep farming family in Norway where they now run "Alexander's Coat Factory" on the SW coast in Moi. At nearly 90 yrs. old, she spends her days outside mostly and keeping us company here on the farm. I bought her an Ikea bamboo settee which is easy to move around the lawns.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Interior Windows

Recent rain has forced us to work inside on original interior windows of this dining room which are now enclosed by two porches. Keeping them here with their original wavy glass and walls add antiquity and warmth in winter. The window muntins are extremely thin and the work is tedious. All glass panes were removed to do the work, and our best old panes added back in; using some from old/original stored windows.

The Dutch door here was also an exterior opening originally. It will be lovely after repairing damaged wood, sanding and painting Benjamin Moore white paint. Slowly this dining room is becoming beautiful again.

Bad pet scratches in the lower door part have been repaired with body filler before sanding and painting. Below are window placements.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Visiting The Tour

In 2002, our Alex visited the Tour de France after training with the Spanish Tour Team physician in the Spanish Pyrenees. He won the Jesus Lorona Classica (in the Pyrenees) underage at 17 in his group and left by bus with Basque fans for the French Pyrenees to watch his heroes perform there. He crashed in an Army tent, had his hair died orange and said the best part of the tour was seeing the Peloton rider's faces as they climbed effortlessly and smiled for the crowds.

Later Christian joined his brother, and after several years of also racing with the CRC of A (America's oldest bike racing club), Christian went on to win our state triathlon in his category. Christian trained to run in high school with terrific coaches and his brother Leif joined the team. Watching the tour now is always fun for us and we have our own heroes and favorites.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Classic Adirondack Chairs

I bought these classic Adirondack chairs newly built for $75 ea., from a retired neighbor's lawn about thirty years ago. This is their second painting, and are sprayed with Rustoleum Semi Gloss White paint after power washing, sanding and priming worn wood spots. Having a barn to paint them in and power washer nearby has been swell.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Charming Charlestown

Our oldest son Alex bought a condo in this unique Victorian brick building in Charlestown MA, built in 1863 by James W. Kidney, who engineered the roads here. It is reminiscent of the Flat Iron building in New York City and there is a modern version of it in downtown Boston. Bought two years ago, Alex upgraded most rooms and renovated the bathroom before becoming a landlord recently. It was a good investment with two bedrooms, ample space and a location which has increased its' value over $100,000 in two years. Charlestown is a charming, historic, trendy place to live now and only about an hour from Old Farm on the Cape. Below are interior pictures.

Living so close to The Bunker Hill Monument and 1797 USS Constitution Warship feels legendary here while having access to a roof deck on holidays is lucky. Charlestown is the oldest neighborhood in Boston and was the first capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Initial pictures here via Pinterest.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Cape Canoe

We have hauled our vintage Old Town canoe up to Old Farm to be used on the large lake a short walk away with a private beach.  It is a Discovery 158 which holds three people (1150 lbs.), weighs 87 lbs., and is 15' long; while agile, stable and easy to handle. A most popular Old Town fiberglass canoe for 30 years, replacement parts are easy to order and we are installing new nylon webbed seats here after a good power washing. This canoe served two of our families with three boys after Bill bought it used in 1995 for $200. They now sell new for a thousand.