Sunday, February 9, 2020

Kitchen Seating

Christian's farmhouse has a wide galley-style kitchen which is just wide enough at the front end of the house to fit a large butcher block island/table and two seats; one of Bill's beautiful ceramic garden seats and a "Left Twisting Cube" by world renowned architect Frank Gehry. They will be centered stand-outs in the soon remodeled kitchen and lovely!


Sunday, February 2, 2020

Buying A Butcher Block

I found a butcher block for Christian's renovated farmhouse kitchen which was barely used and half price. This "Bally Block" 30" X 24" X 34" high with a 12" thick block is "Wood Welded" and has modern streamlined legs. In front of the large kitchen window, it will act like an island of prep or table surface.

Old Farm has an old butcher block Alex hauled around Boston each time he moved until it became the perfect island/work surface there with matching antique charm.

In 1929, Michigan Maple Block purchased Bally Block Company making them the best and largest butcher block company in the world. Above is a World War II era postcard for Wood Welded butcher blocks via Pinterest.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Kitchen Rennovation I

We decided to vent the stove hood out the front of the house through 15' of 8" round duct with one 45 degree and two 90 degree turns mostly along the original brick insulated exterior wall frame. A few no longer insulating bricks have been removed.

Only two brands 27" double wall ovens fit the cabinet space here; GE Cafe and Kitchen Aid. I found the latter at a scratch and dent store in RI with a replaced broken glass door and dents to it's interior frame. It is new, 1/4 the original cost and will look great after installation. We picked it up on the way to visit Old Farm, in Bill's Volvo 940 wagon.

Friday, January 3, 2020

New Kitchen Ceiling

We are installing "Roxul Safe 'N' Sound" insulation in Christian's kitchen ceiling before sheet-rocking. This is fireproof; sound-deadening insulation inspectors love, made of lava stone from Canada. It will insulate below the master bathroom and dressing room above in the old addition to the main house structure. Both floors of these rooms have Runtal cast iron wall radiators, hydronic floor heat and forced hot air which will be cozier with Roxul insulation below them. Having Alex here to help is great.

Two-by-four braces were built to hold sheetrock boards in place after securing with glue and then screws.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Cool Kiln Shot

Bill and the boys successfully loaded two large greenware sculptures into Bill's Volvo wagon from the basement studio and safely transported them to and into the kiln here. Nice.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Installing A Plaster Ceiling Medallion

Alex and Bill installed this very fine 3 ft.; 13 piece plaster acanthus leaf design ceiling medallion, together this weekend. The mold for this medallion is from an antique found in a 19th century brownstone in Boston's historic South End, circa 1850. Alex first fashioned a metal apparatus behind the center piece to allow for easy access to the electrical box with parts from Home Depot. He then used an electric disc sander to make the backs of all pieces flat before brushing smooth and priming fronts with a spray coat of "Cover Stain". The next day Bill painted the fronts with Benjamin Moore latex white ceiling paint to match the surrounding sheetrock ceiling. The first exterior pieces were glued with "Loctite Power Grab" along a centered parallel line to the long wall of the room. By laying out the medallion on the floor first, the spacing and positioning between parts was noted. Light: Tom Dixon Etch Web.