Thursday, August 15, 2019

Wonderful Windows

Lately we have been re-glazing and installing old windows at the farm. I have found wonderful vintage Tudor diamond shaped casement windows from a 1920's house in Princeton NJ, we will build out to replace the tractor shed windows which are breaking apart. They are in excellent condition and came with ornate solid brass hardware we will save to use elsewhere. The wood stiles are 3/4" thick and stepped inside while the exterior wood ones now have newer glazing. They came painted "White Dove" matching the shed which is amazing. Bill used a biscuit cutter to marry the new wood to the window.

The wonderful new Velox Cabrio balcony skylights would be nice to use on the front roof of Old Farm to the right of the trellis although the pitch is low enough to get a similar effect with two regular skylights installed near the floor while the difference in price is dramatic. A Cabrio costs about $4,100 and a similar sized opening skylight is about $625. The Cabrio is also a more challenging installation as it is larger and comes in two parts which get installed individually.

Also, two skylights could go on the back of the house between the trellises there instead. Velux images via Pinterest. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Painting Red and White Barns

We will manage to paint two barns and outbuildings this summer using Benjamin Moore's Arborcoat solid stains + mildewcide which cover in one coat and are easy to clean up. Having all sized new Purdy paint brushes (4" for big spaces) and a pack of blue painters tape to mask red from white in spots, the work has gone quickly. We now have two front sides of the last barn painted enough to think it is beautiful, although it has a few repairs still in the making. How lucky to have a lot of sun this summer and a new acrylic stain that dries quickly in case of a sudden rain storm. Arborcoat can be painted over oil based primer and I have 80 grit sanded old oil based trim paint before using it.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Repairing A Small Animal Barn

After power washing and removing doors or shutters to be replaced, this small animal barn is ready for some scraping, painting, and two new sheets of T1-11 siding on the back. The hayloft and main entrance doors have been rebuilt and a new cupola will be installed soon. Removing the side window screens we discovered that the windows slide open with interior metal bars. So cool.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Back Of A Barn

Most of the repair work we have done this summer has been on the North side or back of the large barn and outbuildings. It is lovely to have most of them finished with paint now and see them so handsome as we walk up from the stream near the lower woods of the property.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Repairing T1-11 Siding

The back of the cool down shed needed new T1-11 siding added to the lower half. A chalk line was snapped level and centered on an internal 2" X 4' board where "Z Flashing" was used to marry the new boards without future water issues. After a 1" X 4" guide board was nailed along the chalk line, a skill saw with the guard up and set the depth of existing T1-11 etc. made an exact cut to fit the flashing snug so no caulk was needed. Nails were 2 1/2" galvanized round-head; new wood and flashing came from Home Depot for $80.00. It will look just right after painting and new corner boards are added.


Saturday, July 20, 2019

Painting The Tractor Shed

The tractor shed here is close to the house making it terrific for storing and splitting wood for the wood stove. It is newly painted Benjamin Moore "White Dove" Arborcoat solid acrylic stain after power washing, in the first picture. This shed is large enough for a splitting stump, two wheelbarrows and wood stacks on either wall. Two windows on the East side provide extra light and the open doorways easy access.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Quick Barn Repairs

I bought rough sawn one side 1" X 12" pine boards to rip for  new window and corner trim on the West side of this barn. They were quickly stained white on all sides in the morning and ready to install in the afternoon. Christian is using lead sheeting to patch small gaps in the T1-11 siding where it has worn beyond the flashing. After red paint it all looks lovely!