Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sink Sizing

Picking out pedestal sinks for Christian's old farm house bathrooms was challenging because although they fit "on paper", the first sink looked too big in this space. I found a Rejuvenation Parisian pedestal sink on clearance at a "Bargain Basement" appliance store, which is designed for narrow spaces while having wider sides for resting things. The mounting bracket does not fit, but we will drill the holes larger to work. The two white porcelain curved legs will be a nice look on the Carrara Marble; large hexagonal tiled floor to come.

The first sink fits nicely in the more square master bathroom. The large vintage mirrored medicine cabinet above it will be raised up or changed to a smaller one and this sink will sit on basket-weave Carrara Marble tiles.

Both sinks have a back splash which makes the need for tiling or paneling behind them optional. Bathroom inspiration photos below via Pinterest...

Christian will keep the newly installed bath tubs upstairs; surrounding them with subway tiles and gray grout.

The master bathroom will have honed Carrara Marble basket weave floor tiles like these...

The Parisian sink (The below photo is by Emily Gilbert and of our friend's guest bath in Brooklyn)...

might have a Swedish nightstand next to it...

Second Pour

This weekend, Christian and Leif mixed another 16 bags of concrete to pour the second new crawl space wall under the dining room beams here. The first wall form was slid up to complete this side with more rebars, although the corners will have to be re-pointed with stones and concrete by hand. The closet to the left of the chimney extends behind the wall and will hold many dishes etc. on shelves behind an old plank door. Nice!

Already the house feels much more comfortable and less damp.

This is the view below which shows the full basement wall opened up into the new crawl space. There is a dehumidifier (found on craigslist) now running in the full basement constantly as we build more dirt up around the exterior foundation and dry things out. The old opening to this space was about 18" square and the dirt nearly touched the beams. Some stones will need belts to be lifted out.

All of the old furnace and most duct work has been taken out of the basement areas now, and I am recycling it all in and on my Volvo wagon! Soon we plan a new Hy-Vac heating system for this old house.

Digging out the opposite crawl space side is next, which has much larger stones to work around it seems.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ready to Pour

The newly dug crawl space under the old house beams, has one side ready for a concrete pour behind a plywood and 2" X 4" lumber form built to move along the old exposed rock foundation for reinforcing. This first pour took several 1/2" steel rebars and 16; 80lb. bags of concrete mixed in our old cement mixer which has now been moved to Christian's old farm.

There are three piles of what was excavated so far; big rocks, sifted rocks and mostly clay dirt. The clay Bill will try to make pottery from when he's much less busy.

When we are all not too busy, a walk to Christian's stream through the meadow is a nice break.

At the end of the day, a climb on the old combine to view the fields or fireflies at night is what Christian and Leif like...

Monday, August 10, 2015

Excavating An Old Farmhouse

Christian's old farmhouse needed a crawlspace dug out from under the oldest (1780) section of the house which is the dining room now. This will be dug deep enough to put in a layer of gravel, a vapor barrier on top of that and then concrete will be pored over both. The finished space will also allow for new heating and air conditioning ducts to be installed and the dampness in this area of the house will be eliminated.

Lots of terrific rocks are coming out of this dirt and being used to more define the planted bed around the sun room; outside. Some rocks are four or more times this size.

While Christian and Leif dig out and sift dirt, Bill is busy breaking through the adjoining full basement wall to open it up for easier crawl space access. The beams are currently reinforced with expandable steel columns and are in exceptionally great shape for being so old.

Above are the things Christian has found when sifting the excavated dirt.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Picking Hydrangeas

This past long weekend at Old Farm was full of wonderful weather, visiting with dear friends and family, picking hydrangeas and dining outside on the deck. It was so nice to take a break from our projects to enjoy entertaining here!

Setting up music and flowers everywhere is such fun.

Bill also managed to fix our second wooden; vintage garage door this visit, which now springs open when an old-fashioned pin is removed. Both garage doors are fully repaired, painted and easily opened like the repaired windows there now. It was great to use our equipment in such a sunny, open space.

Before leaving Old Farm, I picked some hydrangeas to bring home. They are in the greenhouse at Christian's old farm, where I am scrubbing everything!

Meanwhile, the boys have just finished installing clear polycarbonate panels on one side of the horse barn roof.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Living in the Barn

The first week Christian owned his old farm, he moved in enough furniture to live above the garage/barn when he wanted. We didn't even have time to paint or change some lighting, but we scrubbed every where.