Monday, December 28, 2015

The Boiler System

This Christmas season, Bill and Christian have completed their efforts installing the new boiler/heating system in Christian's old farmhouse. We have ended up with six zones which include forced hot air, radiant wall and hydronic radiant floor heat, and indirect domestic hot water. We will hire help to install the duct work and air handler. The red and green parts kept it festive looking here.

My jobs have been to clean the non-removable duct work and design the hydronic floor heating system, which kept the holidays busy...but not too busy to dress up the dog Anders. Happy holidays!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Blue Kitchen?

Christian's old farmhouse kitchen is now a dark red which would be nice to change to a dramatic blue color or nice shade of blue. I have been hunting for the right colors to show him. Here is an expensive English paint we could have matched.

This color goes well with the nice brass hardware now in his kitchen. It is a Benjamin Moore blue paint as is the next blue. (Images via Pinterest.)

Although the above is not a kitchen, the color blue is simply beautiful and dramatic. 

Here is Christian's red kitchen. We are looking at three blue shades of paint from Restoration Hardware to have mixed in a Benjamin Moore paint. The medium shade is favored, but the deep blue would be striking. Since the cabinets will stay white, a lighter shade seems best, or a warm ochre color? The back splash will be a Carrara Marble herringbone tile.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Using a Transom Window

Christian has started opening his transom window to let warm air into the house on sunny days he is working in the basement. The trim on this large window is primed and flashed now.

Here is the work going on in the basement...building the heating system. Bill and Christian have also repaired all of the burst copper plumbing pipes in the basement besides reinstalling very long ones removed in order to dig out the new crawlspace.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Buying Barn Lights

Of the oh so many goose neck barn lights available, we decided on a Vintage French weathered zinc one for the main horse barn, and another weathered zinc exterior light for the side of the garage/barn (this one has a cage which goes over the bulb). They were on sale and at the Restoration Hardware Outlet Store which was lucky. Both of these lights were missing when Christian bought his old farm.

Another new light we found on ebay will go in the newly enclosed front porch. It is a salvaged Great Lakes boat find also on sale, which is just the right depth to allow the french doors to open near it.

Also missing from the farm, is an exterior barn door to the tack room. I found this unused one being sold by a contractor for almost a third the cost, which actually matches a house door opening to the mudroom. Soon the tack room door facing south and the house will have visibility inside and out.