Monday, August 15, 2016

The Cape Car

Our old farmhouse on the Cape was once a farm of potatoes, but now where we go to vacation as a family. The most useful vehicle here for us, is our Vintage Jeep which allows access to remote, breathtaking beaches you can reach only with 4-wheel drive cars whose tires are deflated some to drive the dunes. A shovel and heavy chain are required to be kept in the car, and the four front fishing pole mounts allow four people to sleep overnight on the beaches.

Alex decided our Jeep should be a 1995 Jeep Rio Grande Wrangler, which is the last year they were made with a heavy metal body and most reliable mechanics. I found this one in Virginia with very few actual miles on it since the owner had trailered it to fishing beaches only. Alex has a rack for the back of this Jeep which carries a folding table, chairs, and portable grill; while the top holds several surfboards. He also has a thick manual for making repairs.

This classic Jeep turns many heads on the Cape and has several styles as the doors and top are removed for summer. We use a water sprinkler under the carriage after driving off-road, to keep it free of salt etc. Bill has just finished repairing both wooden garage doors where we keep this Jeep.

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