Monday, June 27, 2016

The Stream

A part of Stony Brook runs along the back of Christian's farm property. The Lenni Lenape Indians traveled along this creek hunting and building sweat lodges before and after English settlers arrived. They lived with the settlers, selling them land to gain their protection from 1680-1725; leaving peacefully. The granite stones here are sometimes rectangular blocks which were heated in the sweat lodges and many Indian arrow heads were found along the Stony Brook.

The farmhouse sun room is everyone's favorite place this time of year, which has a view down the meadows towards the creek. The small Annabelle Hydrangeas I planted last summer outside the windows, are already much bigger and seem happy here.

The mudroom has the same view and has been scrubbed and the peeling paint scraped from it, so that it will be used to relax in also. I love the old stone floor in this room which will be repainted light gray and white.

Friday, June 24, 2016


The Nasturtiums in the back garden are blooming and will be great to add to meals here. Nasturtiums have plenty of vitamins A, C, and D besides iron; which help the tender leaves act as antibiotics and the flower phenols prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. They have a peppery taste, originate from Peru and grow easily in dry conditions. It's great to see this garden growing flowers instead of weeds now. 

Old Mirrors

I found this antique Chippendale mirror in a local decorator's consignment shop for Christian's farmhouse. It has a lovely intricate shape and gold leaf, however the mirror silver is authentically old and hazed. This may not matter in the room, but it is easy enough to replace. The style dates 1730-1790 which includes when this house was first built, and cost $75.00.

Mirrors were used in old homes to make some rooms look larger.

The other side of this room has a tall antique (standing) mirror which is beveled in a gold leafed frame; 3' X 5' costing $125.00 from a Bucks County farmhouse. It is waiting to be hung also and will reflect the back fields some I hope. You can see that the room has been furnished with just a sub-floor down, but Christian has moved in here and some stored furniture has moved in with him.

The Master Bath Begins

This week the guys have been sheet rocking Christian's master bathroom which has a nice sloped ceiling and two windows well placed. I have been stripping all of the wood here and trim parts removed. It is so exciting to begin finishing this bathroom now that we have completed the main bathroom and know more of what we are doing.

Last weekend was our town yard sale and I found an antique Scandinavian nightstand to use in this bathroom. It was $40.00... and the brass bucket for wood stove ashes on top of it was $20.00.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Afternoon Delight

When the front of an old farmhouse faces South, the afternoon sunlight streaming into a room is wonderful; especially in a bathroom. Christian's first electric bill here was less than $10.00 since LED and natural lighting have been so beneficial.

All of the doors in this house are nice vintage wooden ones or older with similar; brass doorknobs. Christian has been polishing the doorknobs as we refinish the doors, using the polishing wheel Bill inherited from his grandfather.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

"The Nun"

The back garden at Christian's old farmhouse has been weeded and planted with flowers from seed. All are up while Bill's sculpture "The Nun" watches over them. We have another sculpture waiting to be fixed for this garden, but a sundial takes it's place for now.

The flowers are Cosmos, Cleome, Zinnias and Nasturtiums. A colorful and affordable crowd to distract from all the work needing to be done here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Final Fixtures

Deciding on bathroom fixtures is daunting with so many terrific options available now and until most things are installed, I'm not sure what is exactly needed. Since I ordered the fixtures for all three bathrooms last year during a sale, I'll soon return a few extra towel bars and glass shelves.

The shower fixtures are by Moen and good looking for the three guys who will be using them I think.