Saturday, April 16, 2016

And the Bees Go In...

Today Christian picked up three pounds of honey bees he ordered to install at his old farm. Luckily we had all the equipment he needed since we kept bees at our house when the boys were all young. Christian had his own hive here actually and still fits into his old beekeeping suit.

The hive is located at the lower end of his fields next to the stream for water and lots of morning sun. Sugar water in a 1:1 ratio is fed to the bees and sprayed onto the frames initially. The Queen is in a separate candy coated box which is eaten away as the hive acclimates. Eventually Christian plans to have five hives in order to qualify for farm assessment. Bees do not require much space or equipment compared to farm animals, and you can leave them alone since they will just make honey while you are gone. 

Here are the boys in earlier days when Bill kept bees he found in our barn; filling the wall with honey.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Concrete Planters

Concrete planters and old farmhouses look lovely together I think, so I found two old looking planters for last year's price, which are placed on either side of the large front window and in the shade sometimes. They will be filled with large white impatiens and trailing lime green plants.

There is mostly clay dirt and rocks in the very front of this house, so having planters with good soil and flowers you can see from the closed-in porch will be nice.


Bill and Christian have started sheet rocking the upstairs bathrooms and ceilings with 4' X 8' or 10' sheet rock from Home Depot. The ten foot long pieces are great for ceilings of fewer joints and the above bedroom took just two boards. We have decided to use a 3 5/8" pre-primed pine cove molding where the new ceilings meet the old plaster walls. This will cost about $200 and look lovely.

The smaller sheets have more complicated cut-outs for bathroom fixtures etc.and fit the spaces best while being easier to handle.