Saturday, March 25, 2017

Repairing Hand-Planed Wall Boards

Original Cape Cod homes had hand planed wooden walls built to create a bedroom for children
upstairs in the attic. At one time, the wall over this door to such a bedroom, was removed to allow for a drop ceiling. Bill used antique ship lapped/custom fit boards to finish this wall to the roof peak again.

Here is the other side of the extended wall with a reinforced roof beam.


For the past year, Bill has been replacing the old roof beams around the center chimney in this same area. I found similar aged and length replacement beams from an old farmhouse in Rhode Island which have tapered ends like ours. It has taken Bill many monthly visits here to carve and notch the stronger beams into place around a newer; larger chimney of three flues. Each beam was mortised in place and removed continually as another was added, until all four sides were fitted and complete. The roof was supported during the process which raised it nearly an inch. This 1717 house is now finished. WHEW!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Powder Room Phase III

The painted medicine cabinet, soap dish, towel ring and toilet paper holder etc., have completed the last bathroom in this old farmhouse. Hooray!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Powder Room Phase II

The second phase of this powder room renovation, was installing the Nameeks corner sink and Kohler "Persuade" toilet. The sink needed a different drain with American threads, new chrome plated brass pipes only found at "Signature Hardware" and upgraded escutcheons that decorate the base of them. The toilet needed a new button and mounting screws from Kohler.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Five French Chairs And A Table

I found a terrific antique French table to use as a desk in Christian's garage barn studio upstairs. The table came with an offer to buy these chairs for not much more money. Both came from the South of France and belonged to the owner's grandmother who lived there. The chairs are Art Nouveau in style (1890 - 1910) and the seats are hand caned. They will be used outside with a long table for summer picnics in nice weather.

The table is an earlier kitchen piece with two useful drawers and very sturdy built. It will make a great table and desk for the studio.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Large Wallpaper; Little Room

The most challenging job in this small powder room renovation, was installing a very large repeat; dark wallpaper with irregularities on very irregular walls with split corners etc.! This wallpaper had a 36" repeat and drop pattern to hang here, and we removed the corner sink to make it possible. First Bill spackled and sized the walls before painting customized trim to fit the toilet. I read that a large pattern wallpaper is good to use in a small space because it tends to enlarge it's look, which I think is true.

After the invention of wallpaper in 1675, Sea Captains brought wallpapers to American ports beginning in 1700, from England, France and China. Wallpaper actually began in ancient China because they invented paper and glued rice paper to their walls as early as 200BC.