Monday, April 24, 2017

The Subtle Weeping Cherry Tree

It is very hard to find the enormous old weeping cherry tree in front of Christian's farmhouse here, but as you approach the house in Springtime the pinkness of it is a real marker. I love how this tree can cast a veil of natural lace over the front of a house.

This weekend, Christian bought a Golden Weeping Willow for the major bend in his stream which Bill helped him plant after four of us carried it across the stream. Behind it was a large Ash tree they felled because it was dying. I have planted six flats of blue myrtle in front of the house hedge.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Going Green With Paint

The living room of Christian's old farmhouse was painted a rich dark green on two walls with browns and green wallpaper on the other walls. The wallpaper did not survive the ten years it was left empty, so for now it has been stripped and scrubbed everywhere to be made quite livable.

The dining room has a dark green fireplace surround and the living room oriental rug has beautiful greens and browns while the library has lovely apple green walls...

Here are two wonderful rooms with green walls...(images via pinterest).

Below is Bill's sculpture now in the living room...