Friday, February 24, 2017

Powder Room Phase I

Phase I of restoring this little powder room hidden under a stairwell, has been adding exterior wall insulation and new sheet rock besides removing a back wall cabinet. The woodwork and wallpaper paste have been stripped while the fixtures were dry fitted. Luckily both the sink and elongated toilet fit this small space and the old floor supply valve to the toilet will even fit inside the new modern toilet base!

The sink and faucet were found for 1/2 price on sale and the toilet was $100 from a remodel sale. The wallpaper and paint are left-over from previous projects, so this remodel will cost about $1000 after Restoration Hardware fixtures (on sale) have been installed. Since Bill and Christian will do all of the plumbing besides the rest of the work themselves, the rennovation will be a very worthwhile upgrade.


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