Sunday, February 5, 2017

Modern Fixtures In An Old Bathroom

This old farmhouse has a half bath hidden under the staircase to the second floor. It is very old and has the original floor boards we have had refinished, so it is soon ready to have fixtures installed. This bath was gutted when we bought the house and I decided to buy a very modern Nameeks "Scarabeo" corner sink and Kohler "Persuade" toilet which fit the space. The new surfaces and look should be a nice contrast in this old space.

The wallpaper is Stroheim and Romann's "Clayfield" shown above. The wood trim in this powder room will be Benjamin Moore's "White" and the corner cabinet will be Fine Paints of Europe's marine base paint "Zuider Zee Blue". There is a cabinet behind the toilet which will be pared down to a simple recessed shelf.

We will install a radiant barrier to the exterior wall here called "Ultra Touch", which comes from Home Depot. It reflects 97% radiant and cooling energy, is a Class I fire retardant, while acoustical and flexible for our varied surface. It is natural fibers faced with a heavy foil in 4' X 6' pieces costing $23.00 each.

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