Thursday, November 24, 2016

Saving A Sculpture

Bill spent many years working in clay with Toshiko Takaezu's tutelage and mentoring. Her ceramic sculptures and work are known world-wide, and Bill is lucky to still work in her "legacy" studio. This large black "Moon Pot" by Toshiko, was a Mother's Day gift to me many years ago and in need of structural repairs which Bill could do. 
 Before & After...

This sculpture was always outside, and Bill is repairing it now that it has become extremely delicate. With many structural cracks and several holes, he has used two densities of expanding foam; poured inside of it to solidify the entire form. Satin (bottom) and gloss (top) black paints were hand applied afterward, and the piece is amazing again. Thank you Toshiko Takaezu and Bill! 

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