Monday, November 7, 2016

Floor Fixes

All of the holes in the floors of this farmhouse have been refurbished with patches of the same antique pine boards. Bill and Christian have used some of the old dining room floor boards which had to be removed, for patches, since the floor was not salvageable. They "free hand" cut circles for the AC holes not needed, fit new tongue and groove boards for the largest holes, and chiseled to fit other splintered boards.

Here, the opening required moving the AC hook up from the outside condenser to the basement wall below it for the new HVAC unit there.  A PVC pipe was installed in the basement wall for future hook up.

Below, a missing transom was made using the same salvaged old pine. It has all been tedious work, but soon the floor refinishers come to sand and seal these old floors for us. Hooray!

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