Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Heat Is On!

The new boiler system Bill designed and built with Christian's help this past winter, was fine tuned and turned on by the best HVAC person one could imagine; Gary Stellitano (whose advice and guidance were invaluable)! God Bless this new "Mother Ship" which impresses people most who come to visit and has saved Christian's old farmhouse. The new boiler installation, high voltage wiring, and gas line we installed were all approved with permits pulled first.

The Weil McLain gas boiler, modern Runtal cast iron radiators, and Pex radiant floor heat, are all wonderfully efficient and quiet while creating six zones of heat. This boiler and parts take up very little space being tucked into an old chimney foundation. 

The new air handler was installed in the crawl space Christian dug out, and the new duct work was mostly fit in between the floor joists, giving the entire basement a terrific amount of open space now. This work was done by "Stellitano Heating and Air Conditioning".

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  1. Your boiler system is a monster! I wouldn't have enjoyed working in a 300 year old farm house. I can imagine the problems encountered with working on old buildings, yet alone the ghost stories. It looks really efficient and I bet the extra floor space in the basement comes in handy.