Saturday, February 6, 2016

Planning the Master Bathroom

Christian's master bathroom will have hydronic floor heat feeding a new cast iron floor radiator in the adjoining dressing room which is not usual, but both rooms are furthest from the boiler and the latter has one hot air duct we are supplementing. New "Ruxul" insulation made in Canada will be installed here as well which is superior in R value, non flamable and sound deadening.

The PEX lines will again run 6" apart which is terrific in a bathroom floor as opposed to the usual 8" span.

Christian has rewired the main wall here (and room) to allow for a mirrored medicine cabinet, double wall sconces for maximum lighting, a recessed shower light, and ceiling exhaust fan. 

Early on, the sub-floor was removed to replace the toilet connection with a taller pipe...

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