Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Installing a New Air Handler and Ducts

Christan has hired Stellitano Heating and Air Conditioning to install a new air handler and duct work to complete his heating system. They are absolutely the best in our area and we have watched them grow from a few to a fleet of hard to miss red trucks with great logos and a terrific team of workers... over the years.

Initially Gary Stellitano (owner) surveyed the house with advice and then returned to critique the boiler system Bill and Christian built. Last week in record breaking cold weather, we made a few revisions and are now ready for the red trucks and some team work! Luckily the single digit temperatures disappeared the day they arrived, and the air handler is being fit into the new crawl space Christian created.

My job as "gopher" has been to pick-up bales of insulation and find tools like a vintage Ridgid pipe threader on craigslist; while Christian has run his wood stove, installed insulation, and brought space heaters from home and work to keep the water now in pipelines from freezing. Bill remains our driving force.

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