Sunday, August 30, 2015

Second Pour

This weekend, Christian and Leif mixed another 16 bags of concrete to pour the second new crawl space wall under the dining room beams here. The first wall form was slid up to complete this side with more rebars, although the corners will have to be re-pointed with stones and concrete by hand. The closet to the left of the chimney extends behind the wall and will hold many dishes etc. on shelves behind an old plank door. Nice!

Already the house feels much more comfortable and less damp.

This is the view below which shows the full basement wall opened up into the new crawl space. There is a dehumidifier (found on craigslist) now running in the full basement constantly as we build more dirt up around the exterior foundation and dry things out. The old opening to this space was about 18" square and the dirt nearly touched the beams. Some stones will need belts to be lifted out.

All of the old furnace and most duct work has been taken out of the basement areas now, and I am recycling it all in and on my Volvo wagon! Soon we plan a new Hy-Vac heating system for this old house.

Digging out the opposite crawl space side is next, which has much larger stones to work around it seems.

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