Monday, August 10, 2015

Excavating An Old Farmhouse

Christian's old farmhouse needed a crawlspace dug out from under the oldest (1780) section of the house which is the dining room now. This will be dug deep enough to put in a layer of gravel, a vapor barrier on top of that and then concrete will be pored over both. The finished space will also allow for new heating and air conditioning ducts to be installed and the dampness in this area of the house will be eliminated.

Lots of terrific rocks are coming out of this dirt and being used to more define the planted bed around the sun room; outside. Some rocks are four or more times this size.

While Christian and Leif dig out and sift dirt, Bill is busy breaking through the adjoining full basement wall to open it up for easier crawl space access. The beams are currently reinforced with expandable steel columns and are in exceptionally great shape for being so old.

Above are the things Christian has found when sifting the excavated dirt.

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