Monday, January 7, 2013

Some Sculptures

When Bill was in college, he was fortunate to study ceramics with Toshiko Takaezu, a world recognized ceramic artist who combined techniques from the West and East while helping to move pottery from a utilitarian to an artistic form. Bill apprenticed with Toshiko for two years and helped with the construction of her large kiln in her studio not far from our house in Hopewell. He has continued to make clay pieces since then which have all been fired in this kiln and included in a studio show during the holidays every year.

Although Toshiko has recently passed, she helped organize an exhibition of Bill and several other dedicated past students, at the Hunterdon Art Gallery in Clinton, NJ - not long ago.  Here are pictures of some of Bill’s larger sculptures shown in this wonderful old grist mill alongside a river in Clinton, NJ. 

This kiln and Toshiko’s studio are now owned by a former student who continues to share and use both with past apprentices. Bill has just left with Leif and a large sculpture to be bisque fired soon. The biggest challenge has been getting these large sculptures out of the studio space Bill has in our basement!

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