Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Visiting Norway

 Kayaking the Oslo fjord to the Viking Ship Museum.

Two of our sons have been able to visit good friends and wonderful places in Norway, on their vacation this year.

 Oslo has been considered the most expensive city in the world to live in, with fewer; appreciative tourists.

Taking the train from Oslo to Finse (training ground for the South Pole explorers) and biking toward Bergen.

Finse is the highest elevation between Oslo and Bergen and only reached by rail, bike, or ski.

The Rallervegen (or bike road).

This is a famous; most incredible train ride across Norway and the Rallervegen bike ride passes seemingly hundreds of waterfalls and fjords after an overnight stay in a hytte and ending in a special ferry ride into the Bergen fjord.

Seven Sisters Waterfall near Bergen. 99% of Norway's electric is hydro-powered by waterfalls.

The crooked old shops and charming houses of Bergen. (Four above pics via pinterest.)

There are seven mountains to climb surrounding Bergen which are easy to get to with some very lush trails.

Found "souvenir" along Besseggen Ridge.
A day of traveling beautiful fjords East to Memurubu, allows an overnight stay and day hike along the Besseggen Ridge to Gjendesheim in Jotunheimen National Park. Christian had incentive to finish this challenging six to seven hour hike in half the time to catch the last bus back to Oslo. This was a two week vacation of many outdoor events and the sun up longer to help.

In Norway, the boys had help, advice and lodgings with the wonderful Lodemel family and especially Geirr whom I watched as a baby many years ago while living in Oslo.

Geirr's lovely family now. 

My visit to the West coast mountains in Norway while living in Oslo.

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