Sunday, October 16, 2016

Stripping in the Dressing Room

The dressing room off the master bedroom here, has four closets with six doors that are now stripped along with two windows and a built-in window seat. Hooray. This room will have "Benjamin Moore White" walls, trim, shelves, window seat and doors; with polished chrome knobs. The side wall right of the tall window, will be a built-in mirror. The floor will be bleached before sealing.

The two larger closets here are lined with cedar. Nice. Below is the view into the master bath.

The previous owner who created all of these closets for such an old farmhouse is my hero. Less furniture is needed now because of it, and living will feel large.

Stripping Doors...

I am now finished stripping twenty-seven doors of all sorts upstairs at Christian's old farmhouse, and most of the trim. This means we can consider having the old floors sanded and refinished before Christian and Leif move into the bedrooms here. The doors will be stored in the master bedroom (this floor will be painted white) while the work is done.

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