Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Stripping and Spackling Old Rooms

This Spring and Summer I have been stripping all of the wood in the upstairs of Christian's farmhouse, while the warmer weather makes the process much easier. It has been slow going, but the results are wonderful and a fresh coat of good paint will look terrific. The trim in this room will be "Edgecomb Gray" (a taupe color) and the walls "Linen White".

This bedroom has the many plaster cracks repaired and a coat of primer on most of the stripped trim. We will not install cove moldings in either of the larger bedrooms since Bill has repaired the wall and ceiling joints so well. The walls here will also be "Buttermilk" and the trim will be "Iced Cubed Silver".
 Warm and Cool Colors; Inspirational Images via Pinterest:

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