Sunday, August 7, 2016

Home Depot Subway Tiles

The cost of Home Depot Snow White subway tiles was about $150.00 for each of the shower surrounds in Christian's upstairs bathrooms. We used Versabond gray thinset mortar and Polyblend Delorean Gray non-sanded or mixed grout; each totaling $45.00. I found two "Noble Niches" on ebay for $40.00 a piece for the shower niches, and easily found videos on how to install them.

The best price I found for having the tiles installed, was $2,500. Instead we bought a large; barely used Ridgid wet saw for $200.00 to do the work ourselves which took a week of Bill and Christian's spare time to tile each bathroom.

The savings allowed us to feel we deserved nice Carrara Marble tile floors from "Marble Online", and the basketweave style above is laid out for us to install next in the master bathroom. The cost for both marble floors was half our savings so far.

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