Saturday, November 14, 2015

Salvaging An Old Factory Window

We decided to use 5/4" X 4" clear pine lumber for trim around the old steel factory window - Christian has used to close in his antique side/front porch. Bill has helped him to create an angled wooden lintel above it and sill below, which mimic the surrounding windows in proportion and style. Four inch wide lead flashing will be installed above the lintel and below the sill.

The window panes are 3/16" safety glass we installed with clear silicone and original size wire clips. A new thermal window of this size would have cost about $8,000 and would not have a transome that opens or the character of this one. Since only 10-15% of window heat loss is through the glass itself, using tempered (safety) glass in a refurbished frame is quite efficient while lessening outside noise and being a requirement for glass near ground level. The total cost of this window was about $1600. 

It seems to blend right in already. This window captures great (southern exposure) sunlight most of the day, preserves the original porch architecture which is special to early New Jersey farmhouses, encloses the basement door, and will protect the plumbing within which had been run outside of original 1780 brick insulated walls here. Now all four sides of this house have lovely glassed in living areas.

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