Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Big Pour

Today the cement floor was poured and finished by our mason; Louis Beck who is simply "the best"! He came with a helper of the same quality and we helped move the cement with three wheelbarrows.

A small cement truck full of concrete was enough to cover both floor spaces dug out with 3" of concrete. Two men spread what we poured onto 3 mil plastic laid over the stone, the night before.

After leveled and stiff (above shot), the surface is smoothed out with a "bull float" and left to nearly dry. When it can support weight, the final finish is done manually with a large rectangular trowel. The entire process took over five hours.

Bill has already started removing wood from the porch foundation surround so that we can begin framing this area in.

Christian has decided on using 1/4" safety glass with .060 thick laminate, in the steel casement window to be installed here. This has a similar "R" and "UV" value while being thinner, safer and quieter than thermal glass panes. The panes will be installed with spring clips and then caulked; after the window is installed.


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