Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Heart of the Home

We drove to Maine this weekend to pick up a barely used (6 times) Jotul F400 "Castine" wood burning stove for Christian's new hearth, which will become the heart of his home soon. This stove has a large combustion chamber; taking 20" logs, producing 55000 BTU's and heating up to 1600 sq. ft. as long as 8 hrs. (overnight). It has a removable bottom ash pan and came with a fire viewing screen and fireplace tools!

It is now being stored in the greenhouse but when the hearth is ready and the weather turns cold, this stove will allow us to continue work on Christian's old farmhouse, inside. God bless Bill and Alex for getting this into our wagon, and the boys at home for getting it out (375 lbs.of cast iron).

Christian and Leif were the boys back home who finished the corner wall concrete pouring... 

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