Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Upholstering a Headboard

Here is the antique Irish headboard I decided to have upholstered in the last yard of room fabric I had left; using the lighter side of the fabric. I bought the upholstery batting thinking I would do the work myself like the upstairs headboards, but all those curves and the cost of $125.00 to have it done with $40.00 more to have double piping added allowed me to afford having it professionally done with 1" foam underneath as well.

Two layers of thick batting were added to the upholstery foam, creating a very well padded headboard. The fabric was stretched smoothly over all of this and the cording I had made of thick white denim fabric is so tightly fit around the edges. (The lower curve will go around an outdoor light switch I was concerned about.)

The back has upholstery linen added to the bottom, but I will still be able to reattach the long boards that serve as legs when we decide how high we want this headboard to be.

Here it is in place and mostly hiding the outdoor light switch next to it, which is a good thing.

The headboards in the upstairs guest room I was able to sew myself using left-over fabric, two layers of thick batting, single cording and cotton duct covered thick cardboard for the back which velcro attaches to the headboards. These cost $20.00 for the materials I and splurge.

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