Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Stuff

Our first family chore this holiday in Hopewell, is to conveniently stack firewood and kindling...then we went to fill the propane tank for the gas stove top, and while we were waiting we fell for this rescue puppy nearby, coming home with a lot more then expected.

It has been a week of "Anders" (half English Bulldog / half French Labrador) learning to be part of the family while all were here. It was exhausting but we all enjoyed the work that got done and playful moments.

 So I now have five males in our family and am thankful for all the joy and support they are!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Transplanting and Planting

These lovely Endless Summer Hydrangeas in the main garden at Old Farm are becoming crowded and some are wilting in direct sun. This variety hydrangea is the first repeat blooming mophead hydrangea blooming all summer and Fall on new and old growth, which is best transplanted now while it is dormant (or in early Spring before buds form). I plan to move them and create a bed along the far side of the garage where they can be seen as you arrive here and enjoy more shade in the afternoon.

In their second summer, some blooms grew 12" wide and larger. They should be moved now in their third year here also, since the entire root ball has to transplant. Alex will be happy that "blue" hydrangeas will all border the property more, as he had hoped.

This last visit to Old Farm I was able to plant 200 varied Trumpet Daffodils along the southern side of the garage (where the surfboard is drying). When they all come up this Spring, they will have their trumpets facing the house!