Friday, August 16, 2013

Nikko Blue and Limelight Hydrangeas

My first hydrangeas to bloom at Old Farm are the Nikko Blues which have the loveliest range of colors from pale whites and greens with pinks and blues emerging or mixing; classics. This summer's heat wave had them fade a bit early, but having the Limelights nearby which bloom latest but longest, is a treat.

The Limelights here are just blooming near the back door, but although the sun is setting on them, they still seem to "light" up already; luminaries.

Big Blooms

Here is just one Little Lamb panicle. The Little Lamb Hydrangeas did most well at Old Farm this summer producing enormous blooms that cascaded over our rock wall and in front of the garden shed.

 The Nikko Blue blooms here are the size of basketballs and I brought a few home to put in Christian's greenhouse on the far corner table.

Nine Sweet Autumn Clematis have nearly blanketed our bordering fence in their third year! There is one plant for every ten feet of fence.

One of two newly planted Standard Pee Gee Hydrangeas came with many blooms ready to burst open and our new vintage brass sundial ($10.00 on ebay) keeps time for us outside now.

In total there are over 50 hydrangeas of 12 different varieties planted at Old Farm. The central garden has 11 Annabel, 6 Little Limes, 3 Knock Out White and 3 Bridal Veil, behind some baby Boxwoods and in front of 33 bi-colored Rose of Sharon; planted in formation rows.

The garden shed is surrounded with them and opposite a string of fruit tress are blue Endless Summer along the garage while several sculptures and a cutting garden are nice accents for me.


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