Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Work Place

The master bedroom at Old Farm has an alcove before the "walk-in" (barely) closet, which used to be the "borning room" while the closet was entrance to the kitchen pantry and root cellar. We now have an antique Irish table ($225.00 from a consignment shop) here, a re-purposed (framed by Bill) bathroom mirror, and two of Leif's lovely still life paintings we are happy to look at while we work... as the sun rises on this spot. The Italian Designer desk chair was $60.00 after being used in a photo shoot (worth $600.00 I was told), and the rug was $50.00 on clearance at Pottery Barn.

Leif painted these for his high school portfolio and they look fine unframed in this space. Still life and landscape paintings are popular on the Cape; both include what we like most in a very flattering light I think. If you click on the images, you can see the details more clearly.

Repairing an Old Window

This month our visit to Old Farm was pleasant enough to repair an old wooden window which had suffered from being hidden behind some large rose bushes we removed to allow for the outdoor shower. Bill removed the trim and damaged wood while I bought pressure treated and clear cedar wood to use as replacements.

Bill cut an angle into the sash to match with the clear cedar which will be more resilient.

Pressure treated wood was then used around the sides and damaged cedar shakes were removed.

Here the cedar boards have been installed surrounding it and the new cedar shakes are in below it.

Finally a coat of primer and finish Benjamin Moore exterior white paint was applied. This was another long weekend at Old Farm saving an old wooden window with $93.00 of mostly premium wood instead of installing an expensive replacement.

Garden Seat

This is one of the smaller ceramic garden seats that Bill has made and I placed in with the snowdrops and lily garden here. It will soon go up to Old Farm and be used in the outdoor shower there.