Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kitchen Completed

Over Memorial Weekend, our two oldest sons installed the new kitchen faucet and antique Swedish table to complete the kitchen at Old Farm. I would love to have a cool stainless steel refrigerator here someday, but this is a summer house and we will have to wait for great working appliances to need replacements.

Here is a closer look. The pot rack was bought by the previous owner in Paris and we only had to clean it.

A deeper view. All of the lights were wired already except for the table light which Bill installed.

Table view. This table has two full length drop leaves so that it can be used smaller or stored aside.

 And our main source of heat! This Norwegian Jotul F3 CB wood burning stove is said to be the world's best value for your heating dollar and the best selling stove in North America. It easily heats our entire first floor which includes the living room, bathroom and master suite. The glass door and bottom removable ash tray make it especially nice for us at Old Farm.

This is our second Jotul F3 CB we found on craigslist. The first was picked up on the way to our winter house closing, installed the same day and later repaired with some newer parts. Recently I found a nearly new one for half the original price about two hours away and well worth the efforts to trade up.

The Before...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Red Room

The red bedroom upstairs is ready for guests and on our next trip to Old Farm, we will paint the stairs and hallway floors leading to the upstairs bedrooms.

The floor boards in this room are painted the above green with salmon color spattered paint, which you can see beyond the rug fringe and sides. It is a very early paint finish I have repainted in spots.

The marble lamps were rewired by Bill with "Sundial Wire" products and I changed their height.

Leif painted this abstract which is in the red room for the summer.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dozens of Daffodils

The morning after we arrived at Old Farm this month, dozens of various trumpet daffodils I planted last Fall, bloomed. I picked a big bouquet for Bill's sister who stopped by. Such fun!

They create a nice edge of color along this side of the garage now that Spring has come to the Cape. The 250 bulbs came from Van Bourgondien's wholesale catalog for $50.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Leveling Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing is level in a house that is nearly 300 years old, even if the floors have been replaced not long ago. Since the previous kitchen counters at Old Farm were a bit more flexible than marble, Bill spent most of a day cutting shims to compensate for a 1/2" slope away from the sink, gluing and screwing in wood strips before the marble templates are done today.

The stone installers will take one week to do their work and will send us a picture of the new counters and sink installed while we are back home in Hopewell.