Monday, February 6, 2023

Beautiful Birthday Gifts


Today is Leif's birthday and his new kitchen will be "furnished" with '30's Fiesta glasses, vintage whiteware and crystal stemware from Hopewell's Home Front. He also got a Serge Mouille white Three Arm MCL-R3 light by France & Son, for his dining room. All flawless & beautiful.

Serge Mouille designed his angular, insect-like lights as “a reaction to the Italian models that were beginning to invade the market in 1950,” which he criticized for being “too complicated.” His large-scale Three-Arm Lamps (1952) have a kinetic, sculptural aesthetic that evokes a sense of movement in space. All of the arms can be rotated in various directions, allowing for ample, well-directed lighting for any task. Mouille designed the Three-Arm Lamp for a client whose instructions were simply, “I want a big light because I have clients in South America who have huge rooms.” All of his lighting solutions feature Mouille’s hallmark signatures as a designer: the way the arms are joined to the diffusers, the washer and six-sided screw hardware, the form of the reflectors, and the refined lines of the steel tubing. Floor lamp below. DWR

Happy Birthday Leif!

Sunday, January 29, 2023

A New Modern Dining Room


This 14' square dining room needed a wide dining table to seat eight and modern in style to go with the hutch left here. This table is that and the antique Irish trestle serving table is the same width if it needs to be extended. The first is heavy (made of Palographico wood which is petrified), taken from a tree's base and match booked as the table top. The other is luckily the same in color & height. 

The chairs are high gloss "Liz for Kartell". It is a nice beginning in a room with windows and two atrium + double glass doors that open to lovely views in summer.

Meanwhile...the kitchen cabinets got KOOFIZO polished chrome square edge handles.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

More Marble Counters

Leif has chosen a White Carrara Gioia Marble for his kitchen counters and backsplashes. "Bianco Gioia Marble is a beautiful natural stone material that is quarried in Carrara, Italy. The region that produces this stunning natural stone is well known for producing some of the highest quality natural stone in the world." Leif's background is much whiter than other Carraras.
Below is Christian's Carrara Marble slab and very lovely as well.
Marble is natural, like a green plant.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Kitchen Cabinet Install


The boys spent this week installing kitchen cabinets. First the uppers and then lowers below them, after under counter lighting was installed by Leif. The uppers were designed around the cathedral beamed wall, plumbing and sink faucet space below. Base cabinets are always installed in the corner first, after finding the floor's highest level spot to shim all cabinets to.

White doors and White Carrara Marble counters are being added. The counters will have a full waterfall side facing the dining room and go up both backsplash walls.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Family Baby Shower

Alex's aunties all assembled a baby shower for Nina while her Mom was still visiting! It was central to their friends, although the theme of French Blue balloons and baby elephants came from their new place in DUMBO, Brooklyn. My gift came from Norway and hand knit there; a sweater much like our family heirlooms.

Myself in Norway and sweater knit by my Tanta Anna.

Alex in a vintage hand knit.

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Prepping For Kitchen Cabinets

Bill has been painting the kitchen window trim before the cabinets are installed here. I bought Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo oil base trim paint in "Decorator's White" to match the walls. The solid mahogany trim boards were sun bleached and water stained, so we felt ok making the kitchen a little whiter this way. Nothing is level in this modern kitchen with the windows off one way and the floors the other. We are starting at the corner installing cabinets and will shim a 1 1/2" difference out. The cabinet below is called a "Super Susan" and can house an entire set of heavy duty "All Clad" pots and more. The sink plumbing has been moved and all new  electrical wiring, outlets and plugs are installed.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Our Anders 9/13 - 1/4/23

 Adopted 11/29/13

New year's Eve, our family dog Ander's was diagnosed with a devastating cancer. What seemed to us like an indestructible cross bred puppy rescued from Georgia, fell ill on Christmas and fighting for life in a week. He never looked his 9 yrs. old and called "handsome" by most greeters. As his caretaker, I am faced with parting from a family member willing to do anything for those he loved beyond measure, which is heartbreaking. He no longer barks in distress when I cry. It is for him.

A Past Post & Tribute To Our Anders

Having a dog on a farm is a good thing. Our Anders is a rescue puppy from GA who came with a docked tail and willingness to protect our properties from other stray animals. It is lovely to watch him sit so steadfast for hours in a central location to us, just watching. It is a beautiful landscape though and even better
with him on board.

Inside...or out, he has our backs.

God bless Dr. Hostetter and the Hopewell Valley Vets for superior knowledge, dedication and care whenever you need it most! Anders being transfused New Year's Eve.

Anders & his good life.