Tuesday, August 3, 2021

White Houses Of Hopewell

Our Borough of Hopewell's main street is beautiful with many old clapboard farmhouses painted white. The oldest (just above) housed the beginnings of "Brown University", and I am sharing two recently painted nearby.  The first is painted Benjamin Moore's "White Dove", the color of our tractor barn and all barn trim. The "Tricorn Black" muntins on the second are striking and a new antique store looks lovely in white.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Mom 1928 - 2021

Mom and her sister passed away very close to each other and within a year. It was a blessing. Hvil i fred (Norwegian for "Rest in Peace"). Summer in Griggstown, NJ.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Tour Training


photo by Tim de Waele

Start young and climb early seems to be quite successful training ideology for winning the Tour de France lately. This year's winner Pogacar of Slovenia has earned his second; youngest win at 22 and second place winner Vingegard from Denmark was 24. Below are my boys training for bike (Alex won in Spain) and running races (Christian won in Boston) at early ages who climbed mountains while training at times. Fun!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Protecting Plants


Gardening on a farm means protecting plants like these lilies from thirsty deer. I have used tomato supports with netting clothes-pinned over to save such enormous; beautiful blooms. Originally just one small clump, I divided the bulbs into four plants which now have so many more blossoms! The wire cages also supported canvas tarps we used while scraping and power washing the barn for paint. I have just transplanted white hydrangeas deer nibbled from the concrete planters, and put in "Golden Mops".

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

The Painting Process

The garage/workshop barn here partially dates to 1780 and is being repaired and prepped for paint. I have located clear 1/2" X 8" cedar siding at Tinsman Brothers Lumber in PA for $3.57/ft. (most lumberyards only offer this product primed and finger-jointed now). Some corner boards and window muntins need new wood, but Christian has scraped and then power washed most of the building. This barn has had much use lately working with Alex on three vintage BMW's the boys all own.


Saturday, July 10, 2021

Annabel Hydrangeas Here


 A few years ago I bought three Annabel Hydrangeas on sale to fill in a Southwestern bed outside the sun room addition. This room is only used when they bloom and fill in open space between the building and ground, creating a pretty "petticoat". Since, I've planted four more along the Northern adjoining back deck, which finishes an all-white rock garden there. Neither obstruct meadow views from the sun room and all cascade to the ground with their big white flower balls...especially after a rain!


This stone cottage in Wiltshire England was also built in the late 1700's and planted with all my favorites; manicured privet & boxwoods with Annabels and climbing roses. Images via Pinterest.










Sunday, July 4, 2021

New Neighbor


Since buying Old Farm ten years ago, most of the houses on our street have new owners and major renovations made to all those lakefront. Here is a lovely second; re-build facing Lake Wequaquet several houses from us. Old Farm was built on 15 acres purchased from the Indians by George Lewis; a clothier who came from Kent, England in 1634. He was an original pilgrim who became a planter here and our house was built by his grandson Benjamin. There was a second smaller dwelling approximately on the above site, considered his summer house. There are two books of Lewis family genealogy housed in Sturgis Library nearby including some who fought toward this day. Happy Fourth of July!

Our newly weds are celebrating at Old Farm now...
Photo by Alex Paul Photography.

The year Old Farm was built is engraved on the front stepping stone in the same Caslon type font as the Declaration of Independence.