Thursday, June 15, 2017

Power Washing The Deck

The back deck of this farmhouse was wonderfully designed and built with 2" pressure treated deck boards, rails and vintage colonial spindles as well as posts. The front steps adjust to the sloping lawn and angle to allow for rain runoff. It was neglected for many years and covered with moss and molds. I used a "ZEP" deck cleaning solution from Home Depot before power washing all surfaces twice with the strongest nozzle attachment. The cracks between the floor boards were cleaned first with a putty knife and then cut wider with a skillsaw where they had warped closed, so this deck will drain properly again.

The views from this deck are beautiful and it feels great to be giving it new life. After a full week of sun on it, we will sand the deck with an orbital 6" sander I got for $15 at our borough yard sale. Christian has picked "Cliffside Gray" Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Solid Stain for this deck which will have white railings.

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