Monday, December 12, 2016

Saving Damaged Old Pine Floors

The most damaged pine floor boards in this old farmhouse seemed beyond saving with so many patches & repairs needed besides major water (abandoned with burst pipes) and pet stains. We nearly painted them in this room. However, our amazing floor refinisher along with Bill, guided us in cleaning and sanding plaster filled cracks, replacing heat vents to match early board lengths, filling missing knot holes with custom tinted body filler and installing all sorts of other replacement patches. The results are a refinished old pine floor that is beautiful with some of the most dramatic old floor boards in the house saved; which reach into two long closets here.

Our refinisher truly loves old wood floors and his perspective is to embrace any old mars in them as a part of their history and not try to darken floors to "hide" them. Staining an old pine floor can make pet or water stains look even more obvious. We have used a clear oil based polyurethane with an amber tint and love the results, which will be very easy to maintain in the future.

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