Monday, June 27, 2016

The Stream

A part of Stony Brook runs along the back of Christian's farm property. The Lenni Lenape Indians traveled along this creek hunting and building sweat lodges before and after English settlers arrived. They lived with the settlers, selling them land to gain their protection from 1680-1725; leaving peacefully. The granite stones here are sometimes rectangular blocks which were heated in the sweat lodges and many Indian arrow heads were found along the Stony Brook.

The farmhouse sun room is everyone's favorite place this time of year, which has a view down the meadows towards the creek. The small Annabelle Hydrangeas I planted last summer outside the windows, are already much bigger and seem happy here.

The mudroom has the same view and has been scrubbed and the peeling paint scraped from it, so that it will be used to relax in also. I love the old stone floor in this room which will be repainted light gray and white.

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