Friday, June 24, 2016

Old Mirrors

I found this antique Chippendale mirror in a local decorator's consignment shop for Christian's farmhouse. It has a lovely intricate shape and gold leaf, however the mirror silver is authentically old and hazed. This may not matter in the room, but it is easy enough to replace. The style dates 1730-1790 which includes when this house was first built, and cost $75.00.

Mirrors were used in old homes to make some rooms look larger.

The other side of this room has a tall antique (standing) mirror which is beveled in a gold leafed frame; 3' X 5' costing $125.00 from a Bucks County farmhouse. It is waiting to be hung also and will reflect the back fields some I hope. You can see that the room has been furnished with just a sub-floor down, but Christian has moved in here and some stored furniture has moved in with him.

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