Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stenciling the Walls

Christian's old farmhouse has lovely plaster walls and ceilings in most of his rooms downstairs. We have decided to stencil/paint half of his living room walls after some plaster repair work is done, which can be customized to the room while being affordable as well. The rooms here are in Scandinavian Manor homes and inspirational. (Images via Pinterest.)

Below is the stencil pattern I have ordered in a large size; 30" X 31". It will be first stenciled warm white over the two brown walls in Christian's living room (also below); and perhaps silver with possibly gold, over that.
(Pattern and image is "Isle of Palms" from their UK website for "Royal Design Studio Stencils".)

 Here are some of  the walls I hand painted in our Hopewell house which took several years to complete...

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