Thursday, December 10, 2015

Buying Barn Lights

Of the oh so many goose neck barn lights available, we decided on a Vintage French weathered zinc one for the main horse barn, and another weathered zinc exterior light for the side of the garage/barn (this one has a cage which goes over the bulb). They were on sale and at the Restoration Hardware Outlet Store which was lucky. Both of these lights were missing when Christian bought his old farm.

Another new light we found on ebay will go in the newly enclosed front porch. It is a salvaged Great Lakes boat find also on sale, which is just the right depth to allow the french doors to open near it.

Also missing from the farm, is an exterior barn door to the tack room. I found this unused one being sold by a contractor for almost a third the cost, which actually matches a house door opening to the mudroom. Soon the tack room door facing south and the house will have visibility inside and out.

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  1. Hi - do you have an updated photo with the RH French barn light? I have an 1860s house I was thinking about buying 3 of those for to go over a french door, but I'm nervous to pull the trigger. I'm also curious about what size of light you have there (14"? 18"?) Thanks :)