Sunday, July 19, 2015

Decorating During "Demolition"


While the weather is warm and we fix roofs or dig out a new crawl space before securing Christian's old farm systems, I have moved furniture into rooms where we can relax after some long; challenging days. This sun room is where the sun sets and my favorite place to watch the fields as work finishes on the barn or Christian hangs his red hammock in the groove of pine trees near it. 

Christian wanted only chairs in this room so that the view would be most open. Inside the cubicles of the desk are a collection of the old clay pipes; pieces, china doll and glass bottle he has found while digging out under the oldest part of the house. The early framed print above them is "Harvest Moon" by Robert Walker Macbeth in 1883. 

The library below, will remain the lovely colors it is now (repainted to match after repairs), and both rooms have a sculpture of Bill's already installed, which Christian loves!

The shared bathroom upstairs to be finished first will have the below sink (found at a "Restore" in CT) and faucet (craigslist CT) with matching Restoration Hardware fixtures.

We will need a medicine cabinet and shelf which will end up looking somewhat like our friend's beautiful bathroom in Brooklyn...

Image via Pinterest; photo by Emily Gilbert.

The greenhouse is where we enter the house and very sunny in the morning; another lovely place to sit.

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