Friday, January 2, 2015

New Knee Wall Closet

Bill traveled to Old Farm this holiday vacation to finish the upstairs new knee walls and the third closet door which has also been customized to fit it's own particular spot. This last one is in the back of a curtained closet space which has a clothes pole and small dresser in it behind a gathered, Belgian Linen curtain. The door you see to the left will have two forged black iron handles attached to access the crawl spaces.

This closet is across from the chimney upstairs and set back enough to allow 4' of hallway between the two loft rooms up here. It also has two electrical outlets which allows me to light both ends if I want.

Above is an earlier stage picture (on the other side of this closet) which shows the revised framing we installed and electrical wiring.

I bought nearly all of the very old 1" thick random width pine boards from the largest local lumber yard's historic stash in a barn, for the new knee walls upstairs. Each board was custom planed and ship-lapped  into place; ranging from 19" to 14" wide and a true 1" thick. The small bedroom up here had original walls like this (although wider and hand planed) still in tact under new framing and sheet rock we removed.

We built these walls a foot deeper into the eaves than the original walls in the smaller bedroom, to allow for two full sized beds in this room. Historically, only the smaller upstairs room was built with knee walls because it was used for the children. We bought a laser leveler to help visualize and install the framing for our new walls. Below is a glimpse of the right knee wall finished with trim top and bottom.

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