Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Picking Paint Finishes

After eight days of preparing the kitchen at Old Farm for paint, we decided on using Benjamin Moore's Satin finish on the old ceiling beams, cabinets and trim, with the walls and ceiling an eggshell finish so that they can all be easily cleaned. Bill used a circular sander to prepare the ceiling boards which made quite a mess, but cleaned them of a very rough surface and old paint patches. The ceiling was painted Decorator's White while the skim coat plaster walls, cabinets and trim will be painted Benjamin Moore White, and the door Zuider Zee Blue Hollandac Brilliant by Fine Paints of Europe which is an incredible high gloss finish.

Our puppy was happy to bird watch while we worked and had a lovely view of the newly pruned fruit trees nearby as well.

The second pruning of fruit trees next to our drive, has made them individual and sculpture like.

Our dogwoods in front of the fruit trees benefited from the same prunings.

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