Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Going to the Library

As soon as I get to Old Farm for a visit, I go to the library to stock up and see what activities are scheduled during my stay. Sturgis Library (above) is a few miles from Old Farm and housed in the oldest library building in the nation; Reverend Lothrop's original house built in 1644. The house portion of the library contains over 2000 early new England family histories (including two very thick volumes of the Lewis family geneology and owners of Old Farm), as well as over 3,000 deeds, diaries, letters, naval histories, ship and whaling logs, pirate encounters and photographs stored in a climate controlled vault used by famous authors such as Nathaniel Philbrick who wrote "Mayflower"; and the 1605 Bishop's Bible used by Reverend Lothrop.

I recently bought the above three old storybooks about boating in the Sturgis Library Bookstore for $2.00 each, during an antique book cover exhibit. I'll keep them upstairs at Old Farm for the boys to discover.

We are biking distance to two libraries from Old Farm, and when you join one Cape library, you have joined them all. Lectures and free concerts are well attended at Sturgis I've noticed.

This carriage house built in 1700 (across the street from Sturgis Library) sold last year for $35,000. It is quickly being restored by some lucky person Bill thinks (what a nice studio space on historic Rte. 6A?).

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