Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hanging an Old Door


Here is an original old door I found in the shed and stripped, Bill built bigger and now hung as our new foyer closet door. The boards sticking out in the photo above are creating equal space between the door and the new frame all around. The door is first mounted with it’s hinges to this newly built frame, before the fitting.

Earlier (below) you can see the new door frame inside the closet with it's hinge groove, waiting to be built in. The electrical wiring was done while the wooden walls were being finished, before the door frame could be added and then the door hung from it.

We installed the closet light with a clear bulb so you can still see the deco-design of the old milk glass shade.

To begin with, Bill added to two sides of the old door by using a biscuit cutter joiner, wood glue, and clamping it to a long surface (or using bar clamps for the side board added). Two panel hand-made doors like this were built in colonial America until 1740 when four panel doors became popular.

Bill sanded and painted the larger door here to save time installing it at Old Farm. Below is the hand-made door hardware mostly painted a coat of satin black Rustoleum. The interior latch is too long to use here, but will be painted later and used on the front door. Acorn brand latch parts are sold by some suppliers and easily fitted to old handles as we will do on the closet door inside. The 18 new screw heads were all painted black to match the hardware.

The hand-made antique door hardware above, was further cleaned up by simply burning it overnight in our wood stove fire. We have done this to remove layers of old paint and rust from our antique Victorian hinges here in Hopewell before painting...


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  1. My wife and I have a colonial styled door lying around from the previous tenant whom broke the hinge and didn't know how to fix it. After my wife adds a fresh coat of paint to the door, I'm going to re-install it in the guest room closet. We got the guest room remolded in a colonial style last year and have been looking for a helpful article like this.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware