Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Custom Trim

Beginning with the closet, Bill installed the closet pole by drilling holes into the shelf support (the paint was still drying on the shelf) to keep the look simple, as the trim in this house is. Several simple trims were made for the closet. 

The trim around the front door required some chiseling and filling of old beams, with termite prevention and insulation added before hand. The front door had to be removed to do this (luckily not snowing at the time) and will be removed again to be stripped of old paint. The wood shown here is just primed.

The largest wall in the foyer has 1" X 12" pine ship-lapped boards over thick insulation, screwed to the framing. This added structural support and interest for us, while Bill carefully cut the sides flush to avoid using trim. Hidden floor beams were chiseled to allow for trim to fit and some trim made thicker to cover a flooring gap.

The work below shows gaps being filled in.


Here is the insulation Bill added behind the new door trim which makes a big difference! The ceiling has small 1/4 round trim.

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