Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hopewell Kitchen

Here is our Hopewell kitchen (the hub of our projects as you can see) which we updated not long before buying Old Farm. I am planning to use the same palette in the kitchen at Old Farm except for adding some green and I suppose that is because it is near the lake and sea? Today is very cold and I am sitting in front of the wood stove fire contemplating final colors for Old Farm.

The lamps in this kitchen came from a Princeton University sale of no longer needed items, the butcher block came from a fire sale in need of much sanding, the chairs came unfinished from “Country Swedish” in Norwalk CT; painted by Bill, the table from “Country Gallery” in VT, and the floor boards were shipped from Sweden.

Bill and I designed the kitchen interior when we were first married after Bill built it himself as part of an addition to this Victorian house. The plans for the entire addition were done by Bill while taking an architectural design course at a local college. For the kitchen update we kept the cabinets but replaced the floor, counters and appliances. We were able to do the work ourselves except for installing the counters, and my father rebuilt the brick wall.

 The leaf for this table was custom made with a matching Baltic pine pieced skirt and the legs had "boots" added, raising the table to better fit my boys. The owners of "Country Gallery" are wonderful to work with and also painted this table with a wash of Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White. The alterations were included in the price of the table.

The sculptures you can barely see next to the window, are Bill's latest and waiting here to be part of a gallery demonstration soon. In the below photo, two of Toshiko Takaezu's pieces are behind Bill's in the foreground.

Here is one sculpture in a glaze state and showing Bill's wonderful technique.

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